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What To Know About Bad Credit Car Loans

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Going to a car dealership and trying to buy a car can be very nerve racking. Your nerves may have something to do with your credit. If you have a poor credit score you know that you are likely not going to qualify for the best interest rate and that you will likely have to go through some different processes. You may feel like you have no other choice because you need the car. Well, the good news is that there are many car dealerships that do offer bad credit car loans. There are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to bad credit loans:

Money Down

Since you do not have the credit history, the dealership is likely to ask for more of the upfront cost at the time of purchase. Conventional loans will often not require a down payment, but if you do not have the credit to qualify for a conventional loan you will have to put a good portion of the money down right up front. The amount of the down payment will vary from dealership to dealership, but you can almost expect to be required to put some cash down on the car.

Interest Rates

The interest rates on some of these bad credit car loans can be very high. In fact, over the life of the loan, you may end up paying for your car a few times over. This can be frustrating, but remember that you do not have the credit to qualify for a conventional loan. The best thing that you can do is make payments on the loan as fast as possible. You want to pay extra on the loan each month to keep the interest from compiling on all of the loans. By paying extra on the loan each month you will pay off the car quicker and thus pay less in interest. 

Work On Your Credit

During the time of your loan, do not hesitate to work on your credit. You will be building positive credit if you do not miss a payment on your car. However, there are also credit repair agencies that will help you work on removing negative items from your report. If a negative item drops off, your score can recalculate. If you find that your credit score dramatically increases you may want to refinance your car and apply for a better interest rate. 

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