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3 Things You Need To Start A Bus Tour Company

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Becoming the owner of a bus tour company allows you to travel the world and get paid at the same time. A bus tour company takes customers on organized trips to different destinations. The trips are booked in advance, and your company is responsible for establishing a schedule. You also have to determine safe and efficient routes for traveling. Here are three things you need to start a bus tour company.

Purchase A Bus

A MCI bus is a necessity for carrying out planned trips to the public. You have the option to buy used MCI buses or new ones. It depends on your budget, but you probably would want to start with a used bus.

You have to consider the amenities offered by other tour bus companies when planning to buy a tour bus. It is important to measure up or be better than other local companies. Some of the features to look for are an onboard bathroom, comfortable seats, footrests, luggage racks, passenger service racks, Wi-Fi access and a wheelchair lift. You also want to makes sure there is enough storage. It helps to keep in mind what you and your passengers have to transport for the duration of the trip.

Entertainment is something else to consider. You can look for a bus that comes equipped with a sound system, TV and DVD player. On the other hand, you can also buy these items separate.

Get A License

Obtaining a commercial transportation license is a must for the tour business. Every city and state has requirements for establishing a tour bus company. To get licensing, you have to complete Form OP-1(P) and file it with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). There is also a $300 filing fee for every licensing authority you want to obtain.

Preplan Your Trips

It helps to plan your trips in advance. You cannot start marketing without this information. Routes are also important when planning a trip to a certain destination. It helps to find the quickest route. There is also the possibility of having to making stops for lunch and other matters. It helps to consider these things when planning routes for your trips. Tour bus companies usually offer trips to the casino, Grand Canyon trips, New York trips or tours to historic locations.

Price is something else to consider when planning for your trips. Here is what you need to factor in for cost: driver's salary, cost of gas, hotel, food and price for the activities. It helps to look at the price of the competitor when deciding on a price.

Traveling allows you to make memories and spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, everyone cannot fly first class to vacation destinations. Tour bus companies allow people to see the world at an affordable price, so look to buy MCI buses online or at dealers to start your own tour company today.