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Protecting The Body Of Your Vehicle During The Winter

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There are many reasons why you would buy a vehicle during the winter season. Maybe you were in an accident, your old car doesn't do well in the snow or you just want something more reliable. No matter the reason, the car that you buy must be protected from the damage that winter elements can cause. Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Prepare the Vehicle for Winter

Although winter has struck in many areas of the country, it isn't too late for you to get your vehicle prepared for the beating it will take over the next few months. As soon as you get a break in the weather, take advantage of the time and get out and use the guide below to get your vehicle ready for the next round of winter weather.

  1. Wash your vehicle – Use high-quality car wash soap to clean your vehicle. You may usually use liquid dish soap like so many others, but honestly, that type of soap can remove oils from the paint that it needs to withstand the weather and maintain its shine.
  2. Use clay bars to remove debris – Debris that doesn't come off during the wash should be removed using a clay bar. Rip off a small chunk of the clay bar and flatten it like a pancake. Place it flat on the vehicle in the area that needs the extra attention. Rub the area back and forth until the debris is removed. Don't use circular motions with the clay or you could cause swirl marks in the finish. When the clay becomes discolored, smash it up and knead it. Re-flatten it and continue until you have finished the task.
  3. Polish with sealant – Use a power polisher and quality sealant to seal the finish and protect it from the rock salt and road debris. When polishing with a power polisher, you must keep the polisher moving. Never hold the polisher in one place or you could burn the clear-coat and paint. For best results, use low speed until the polish has been distributed across the area you are working on. Then, turn the speed up and continue going over the surface until the polish has disappeared.
  4. Wax with synthetic wax – This final step gives the vehicle a beautiful shine and provides an effective layer of protection. Use a foam applicator to apply the wax and then buff it with a microfiber cloth until it comes to a shine.

Care During the Winter

After you have your vehicle prepared for the awful winter weather, taking care of it is fairly easy. Run the vehicle through a car wash with an undercarriage cleaning system. Do this about once a week, more often if you have been exposing your vehicle to a lot of road salt and debris.

These preventative measures may take some time, but having a vehicle that looks as good when spring finally arrives as it did when winter hit will show you exactly how well your time was spent.

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