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How to Fix Small Holes in Your Car's Paint Job

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Even the most minor collisions can lead to small holes in your paint. Often, the chip or crack in paint is hardly noticeable and might only appear to be a line. However, over the course of a few months, these small chips can expand and expose the surface underneath. This is a major concern if it occurs on the metal parts of your car because it can lead to rusting. Fixing a paint chip after rusting has already begun is far more time consuming and expensive. This is why you should fix even the tiniest chips in your car paint as soon as you notice them. This article explains how to do it and what tools you will need.

Sanding and Preparing the Surface

You cannot just simply paint over a crack or hole without preparation. If the hole is large you will need to fill it with auto body filler. Just spread the filler into the crevice and smooth it out with your fingers. However, putty is not necessary for hair-line cracks and holes that are smaller than your fingertip. For small cracks you will just use paint. However, whether you use auto body filler or not, you will need to sand the area before you paint it. You should not just paint directly on top of an untreated hole because the glossy finish of the existing paint will make it hard for the new paint to bond well.

To prepare the surface just sand a small perimeter around the damaged area using wet sandpaper. You can get wet sandpaper that is designed for use on car surfaces. It is smoother and has to be wet when sanding so it will not scratch the paint. Do not sand off the existing paint, just rub until the surface does not appear to be so shiny. This means the surface will be ready to paint.

Painting with Factory Touch-Up Kits

Painting is the easiest part of the process if you get the right type of paint. For the best results get  factory touch-up kits from the dealership. These include the right paint for your make, model and year, as well as a small brush for easy application. It is more like applying finger nail polish than actually painting. With a steady hand you can expertly cover all of the damaged areas with ease. This will seal the holes and prevent the formation of rust.

Fix small holes in your paint before they become more expensive and inconvenient to fix. If you have extensive collision repair needs or would prefer to have a professional help you paint, contact a representative from a service like Widrick Auto Sales.